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Recognize & Reward Your Clients

We help you keep your clients engaged, motivated and successful with quick, easy, real-time reward solutions.

For Your Business

Create Loyalty For Your Customers

We help execute consumer promotions
from start to finish.

For Your Customers


On-The-Spot Recognition

Thank You's

Service Award / Birthdays

You Give.

Recognition for a job well done pays for itself many times over.
Easily send your team an email (or printed) one-time-use.

They Appreciate.

Your recipient enters their code into the redemption portal and sees your custom message. Then, when they use their gift card, they will remember.

Everyone Wins!

Simple admin with bulk upload capability

Dedicated customer

Valuable reporting & tracking fields

Smooth redemption process that exceeds employee expectations

Real-time delivery via email or physical mail

Customizable branding and messaging



Survey Thank You

Promotional Incentive

Stay Current & Competitive with Prepaid Cards

MI is a program manager delivering funds on behalf of our clients, safely and securely, to more than 160 countries.

Save time,
save money.

Replace physical issuance
with digital distribution.

Customizable branding on emails, web portal, and messaging.

Advanced risk and fraud
monitoring tools.

Rewards portal with multiple language options.

More cost effective than a
traditional pre-paid debit card.

Flexibile. Personal. Simple.

Pay less for every gift card, reduce overall time and effort, and choose from over 200 leading merchants.


Wellness Incentives

Reward SPIFFs

Team Recognition


Gift Cards

Prepaid Cards


Rebate Processing

Claim Code Rewards